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 Arcadia Police Department Application Template

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PostSubject: Arcadia Police Department Application Template   Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:12 pm

Arcadia Life Police Department Application Template!
Please follow the template or your application will be denied!

In Game Name -
UserID -
Age -
Timezone -
Explain (in your own words) what RP means -
Explain (in your own words) what RDM is -
Positives(The stuff your good at in game) Ex. Sniping, driving, etc -
Negatives(The stuff your not so good at in game) Ex. Flying, running and gunning, etc -
Reason we should allow you to join the ALPD -
Have you read the rules correctly -
Time spent on Arma 3 -
Time spent on our Altis Life server or any other Altis Life server and what are your experiences -

Once the application is complete, please be patient and wait till a H-Admin accepts your application, and once he/she does report in teamspeak with a link to your accept application and be ready to be trained!
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Arcadia Police Department Application Template
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