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 Arcadia Police Department Rules!

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PostSubject: Arcadia Police Department Rules!   Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:12 pm

Arcadia Police Department Rules!

All cops must be in the designated cop channel on the correct TeamSpeak server. Failure to do so will result in a removal from the server (Kick)
Joining TeamSpeak before is required. Failure to join after 5 minutes will result in a removal from the server.
When accessing the police teamspeak channels, all officers must contact the highest ranking officer online to receive their orders of where they are to be stationed.


Be friendly, talkative, understanding, and explanatory.
Tazers don't act as real bullets and are rather flimsy pieces of metal that do not go through windshields or windows. If a taser is used on an individual who is currently in a vehicle, said officer will be punished.
Rather than going Gun-Ho into a situation, roleplay. Negotiate and only go in if the time is right.
You CANNOT go off of name tags. If you see a civilians name, you cannot arrest them for simply having that name. You can go off of what you know and search them, but it must be roleplayed. This goes for pursuits also. If you lose sight of a vehicle during a pursuit, and the individual(s) change or dismount, you cannot go off of their name.

Use of Lethal Force

A very important section, make sure to read it over before playing as a cop
Lethal force is only permitted for the protection of your, other officer's, or civilian life, if and only if non-lethal force would not be more effective.
Discharging a weapon when not under threat, or while not in training, is strictly forbidden. Any officer found preforming this action will be dealt with accordingly by a higher ranking officer.

Non-lethal (Taser) (Taser Rifle)
Tasers should only be used to incapacitate non-complying civilian in order to restrain them
Random discharge of a Taser will result in punishment given by a higher ranking officer.
Only use a Taser in compliance with the laws and rules.

Unless given authorization by the highest ranking officer online, Pyrgos is a no-fly zone unless someone is landing in the public landing zone. For cops though, helicopters should only be brought out if needed in a pursuit, search, traveling long distances, or getting to a area that is not accessible by land or water.
If ANY civilian or rebel aircraft is seen within any major city, you are required to send that person a text saying "Remove yourself from the area now, or be shot down". All officers are required to give the individual fifteen (15) seconds to respond or comply with the order.

All boats used by officers are to be impounded or stored immediately after use.
A speedboat mini-gun may be used to assist in a high level of emergency; however the attached weapons can only be used to fire upon watercraft, and aircraft. (Watercraft includes amphibious vehicles that are currently in the water)
Speedboat mini-guns should NEVER be used to patrol as coast guard.

Vehicles fount in a popular spot in a city, you must say in direct "you have 15 seconds to move this vehicle or it will be impounded, but only if it looks abandoned or is not in a proper space to be parked.
Vehicles that are abandoned or broken with no driver in the immediate area WILL be impounded.
Any vehicle left stationary for a prolonged amount of time WILL be impounded.
Before you impound any vehicle, you WILL make a reasonable effort to find the owner. Granted, if the owner is not in the immediate area, the vehicle may be impounded.

Illegal Vehicles
The following vehicles are illegal, and the use of lethal firearms is permitted ONLY to DISABLE them. Vehicles designated with a '*' should be warned to leave, unless they have opened fired, failure to obey makes the vehicle destroy on sight (with appropriate force) in major cities!
HummingBird (Rebel)
Armed Offroad*
Any HMG or GMG Vehicle*
Any Police Vehicle
Armed Helicopter*
Any Jet*

Speed Limits
Speed limits are an important part of keeping the island safe. If there is nothing going on, please attempt to roleplay and do traffic stops as much as possible. You may find speed limits in several ways:
Driving up the to vehicle and matching speeds
Hold Alt + L with your crosshair aimed at the vehicle. A speed will be given to you in the top right corner of the screen.
If an officer witnesses a speeding individual, they are expected to perform a traffic stop.

Current Altis Life Speed Limits:
In a Town: 40
Outside of Towns: 100

Officers should be patrolling at all times. There should be no single point in time where an officer stays in one area for a prolonged amount of time; with the exception of a checkpoint or crime scene.
High Ranking officers should not be patrolling in ARMED vehicles.
If an officer is a participant in the NATO, they are not to patrol as NATO. This is the same for SWAT. Do not patrol with machine guns/heavy weaponry. These weapons are for operations only. You MAY use your appropriate division uniform as long as a ghillie suit is not worn.
Ghillie suits (SWAT/NATO only) are to be used for operations only.
Primary weapons should only be out in the city during a war, martial law, or times of increased rebel, gang, or criminal activity.
Return to patrolling as soon as a situation is dealt with.

The main purposes of checkpoints are to help prevent illegal activity and promote safety.
A checkpoint must consist of four officers (one being a sergeant or above) and two vehicles.
A checkpoint must be at least 300 meters away from an illegal area; The only exception to this rule, is police checkpoint three.
Checkpoints may only be set-up on roads.
Checkpoints do not have to be marked on the map.

Bank Robbery
If the bank is getting robbed, any officer who is available MUST respond to stop it.
Patrolling officers should immediately move to the bank to assist, all small crimes can be dropped to assist in the bank robbery.
Lethal force should only be used if no alternate is available.
All civilians inside the Federal Reserve will be assumed to be in association with the bank robbery.
Any civilians who interfere with the police, while the bank is being robbed, will be detained/arrested, or if required, killed.
Once the robbery is over, and the area is secure, all cops must leave the Federal Reserve within 10 minutes.
When a Robbery is in place, SWAT will step in as the Command for ALL Non-Command (2LT+) Law Enforcement responding to the bank. This means, orders from SWAT command must be followed by ALL law enforcement.
GhostHawks are to be used as a transportation and insertion vehicle only. The GhostHawk is not authorized to land inside the perimeter of the Federal Reserve. The GhostHawk will not be used as an attack or assault vehicle during the bank robbery. It will only be used to transport personnel to the Federal Reserve, then to leave. The GhostHawk may be used to pursue other aircraft and ground vehicles during the bank robbery, but it will not remain in the immediate area of the Federal Reserve for a prolonged amount of time. The Ghost Hawk may only engage a target if they are engaged first.


Anyone found wearing rebel clothing, or in possession of rebel vehicles, are considered rebels.
(If caught with rebel clothing, it MUST be removed)
Lethal force may be used against rebels only if they pose an immediate threat.
During times of increased rebel activity, Marshall Law may be declared only by a Second Lieutenant or above.
Possession of Rebel Training, or rebel vehicles is a arrestable offence!

Definition: A squad of police who invade an area with high criminal activity, in order to prevent the criminals from performing illegal acts.

These rules apply to drug fields, processors, and homes! You must have a warrant from a Second Lieutenant (Houses, Arrest Warrants), Captain (Drug Field, Rebel Zone), Chief (Lawless Land).
A raid must consist of at least 4 officers (one being a Sergeant or above)
All civilians in the area may be restrained and searched.
If nothing illegal is found during the raid, you must let the civilians go.
If anything illegal is found during a raid, an officer is allowed to arrest the civilians.
The use of Lethal Force is authorized if the situation calls for it in conjunction with the Lethal Force section of these rules.
After a raid is finished, all officers must leave the area.
Whether it was successful or not, the area will not be raided again for 30 minutes starting from the end of the raid.
Backup may be called in; however, this cannot consist of fallen officers. (See new life rule)


An arrest should only be made when a criminal is a danger to themselves or others.
An officer has the option to either arrest or ticket a person, they can not do both.
You must inform the person why you are arresting them before you arrest them.
If a civilian is on the wanted list, they will be arrested. Do not attempt to kill them unless lethal force is needed.


A ticket is a warning, if they break the law but do not pose a threat to themselves or others, you may offer a ticket.
Tickets should be reasonable and follow ticketing guidelines.
Ticket prices should be based off of crimes committed.
Refusal to pay a ticket after three times gives an officer permission to arrest the individual.
Giving illegitimate tickets is unacceptable and will ultimately end with punishment from a higher ranking officer. (To include removal from the police force if decided so by the Command Council).

Illegal Areas
Gang areas are off-limits to all officers. An officer may only enter a gang area if there is an ongoing operation taking place in one.
Do not enter an illegal area unless it is a raid. (See raiding)
If you are currently active in a pursuit that leads into a rebel area, call for backup.

The following weapons are allowed for a civilian to carry with the proper license
Any Pistol or Handgun (Un-Silenced)

(Any other Weapons are considered Illegal and should be removed with a fine of $15,000)
Any weapon that has been given to an individual by an admin for an event.
A cop is not allowed to willingly give a civilian his weapon for any reason.


The following items are illegal for a civilian to possess and can ticketed or arrested
Rebel Training

Drug Effects
If a civilian is running around with a colored 'drug cloud', cops are allowed to stop the civilian in a roleplay manner and charge them with consumption of an illegal substance. All drug clouds are a jailable offense.
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Arcadia Police Department Rules!
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