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 Staff Application Template!

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PostSubject: Staff Application Template!   Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:24 pm

Please follow this application or your application will be denied!

Becoming a staff member means you take a lot of responsibility, you are trust worthy, and know what you are doing. If you apply you must understand the rules and requirements

In Game Name -

Age -

IRL Name -

Timezone -

Active Hours(Time you are on the teamspeak/server) -

Time spent with Arcadia Life -

How would you better the server and playing experience for others as a staff member, besides banning hackers -

What would be your first 3 steps to handling an admin situation, if someone reported it to you? Say an RDM situation -

How would you help out in Teamspeak as a staff member -

Have you ever Administrated an Arma 3 Server before -

Why are you interested in becoming a staff member -

Time on Arma 3 -

Is there anyone who would recommend you to becoming a staff member for Arcadia Life, if so who are they -
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Staff Application Template!
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