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 Arcadia Emergency Medical Service Rules!

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PostSubject: Arcadia Emergency Medical Service Rules!   Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:13 pm

Arcadia Emergency Medical Service Rules!

Critical Care Responder (CCR)
Once a new player is whitelisted as Trainee - they must receive training from a Training Director playing EMT alone.
Required to stay in and major cities! Unless instructed otherwise by a Paramedic.
Must be escorted or obtain permission to enter Cop Base.
CCR's are the police equivalent to a Cadet.
Once accepted as an CCR, find a Training Director or higher for medical training.
EMT's are not allowed to fly helicopters. If found flying, first offense warning, second offense is a blacklisting.

May drive by self and patrol outside of major cities, patrols main highways.
First to respond to a incident aswell as Paramedics.
EMT's are police equivalent to a Officer.
Can drive Offroads or anything like that. Not large vehicles such as Tempest Medical etc.
Responsible for cleanup, impound/repairing the crashed vehicle, or anything that applies.

May use any of the larger vehicles while on patrol.
HEMTT may not be used in any primary city.
Must transport anyone with a stolen organ to Organ Dealer when requested to receive medical attention.
This only applies if the patient is in their immediate vicinity, such as in Pyrgos - Organ Price: $50,000
Have a larger scope of patrol - permitted to venture outside of Pyrgos, and be stationed in other cities.
Paramedics are police equivalent to a Sergeant.
Are able to be Air Trained, But can not fly helicopters yet.
Can drive larger vehicles such as Tempest Medical etc.

Combat Medic
May use armored vehicles, ONLY WHEN NECESSARY. War, fed robbery, etc
Authorized to enter cop base at anytime, only to request assistants etc.
Can patrol outside of major cities, on main highways, etc
Combat Medic's are the police equivalent to a 2nd Lieutenant

Chief Medical Officer
CMOs are the police equivalent to a Chief of Police.
In charge of entire Medical Operation.

Standard Procedures:
When exiting your vehicle, always lock your vehicle.
When responding to any call, you must have sirens on.
Medics must abide by all traffic laws.
[Speed limits, stop signs, headlights on at night.]
Yield to police vehicles.
[If a police vehicle is responding to a call, you must pull over and move out of their way.]
All Medics must contact the highest available medic online, Paramedic or Higher, to receive information on where to be stationed.
There must be at least one Medic within Pyrgos at all times.
May provide a ride to a police officer, if it is a lawful request, and only to transport the officer to their local station, if:
The officer has received medical treatment.
Officer lacks any form of transport. [Vehicle Destroyed]
Officer is at least 500 meters from their HQ.
[Medics may not be used as road side assistance, or taxis.]
Medics are never permitted to take [steal] any item from the ground.
*Medics may deny medical treatment to a person that is known to be involved in a crime, and is known to have been killed by a police officer.
Medics reserve the right, with permission from a Combat Medic or higher, to deny medical treatment to a user repeatedly committing suicide.
[Repeatedly jumping in front of vehicles, or off of buildings.]
When entering a house with a downed victim, be certain to announce who you are prior to entering the structure - and specify you are unarmed.
[Unarmed EMT! I'm entering, do not fire!]
-After announcing such information, if you are not ordered away by an armed civilian under threat of death, you may then safely enter the premises.
When responding to a patient, always make sure to make contact with them over VoIP, or typing, to ensure that the patient knows you're there to help.
[Often, a players camera twists strangely, and they are unable to see you there providing assistance. - If there is a vehicle fire, make sure to stay out of the fire, and speak to the patients so they know you're waiting for the fire to die down.]
Medics are NOT to commit any crimes at any times. Committing felonies such as murder and robbery as a medic will result in an immediate blacklist.
Medics are NOT to drive any sort of civillian or cop vehicle. If you are caught driving or flying a non-medic vehicle you will be warned once, and once only.
Medics are not to carry any sort of weapon at any time. If seen carrying or shooting a weapon you will be banned for medic abuse, and if it happens again you will be blacklisted.
Medics are to carry only items that you can buy in the medic shops. Do NOT carry drugs or any other item that you are not suppose to have.

Stranded Patient Policy:
Medics are permitted to provide transport under two circumstances:
You have responded to an EMS call, and your patients vehicle is completely destroyed, and the patient is 2 kilometers or more from civilization.
[If the patient requests a ride, you are required to drive them to the nearest garage.]
A patient within your area of operation requires an organ.
[This rule primarily applies to Helivac pilots, but may apply to EMTs and Paramedics, if the patient requiring the organ is within the city of operation, such as Pyrgos.
Medics do not have to comply with a request from a civilian to not revive another player - only required to comply if the civilian is armed, and under threat of death.
"Do not revive this person or I will kill you." - If medic fails to comply with threat of death order, they may be killed.
Medics may not be robbed, killed, or taken hostage, for any reason.
[Only exception is if a medic fails to comply with a threat of death request from an armed civilian regarding reviving another player.]

Rules for Helivac Flight:
When departing, or entering, Pyrgos Airspace - must contact police.
"Helivac departing/entering Pyrgos Airspace".
-Not required to wait for permission to land/depart, but if instructed not to land/depart, must comply.
While operating at night, must have collision lights on.
While responding to a call, must use sirens.
While responding to a call at night, and landing, must use spotlight.
Minimum altitude for standard flight; 100 meters.
After spawning your helicopter [ORCA], you must repair the helicopter.

War and Martial Law For Helivac and Below:
Anyone aside from Combat medic are not permitted to enter into any part of a city under war or martial law, except the outskirts.
Revive anyone other than a police officer who requests EMS support.

Rules of Engagement:
Medics are to obey police at all times. If an officer requests that you do not revive a person, do not revive them.
Medics are not the enter an active crime scene at any time!! Entering an active crime scene to revive a police officer or civillian will result in your removal (and potentially a ban). Combat Medics are exempt from this rule.
Medics are not to engage in any sort of war. Medics found aiding one side of a war (one vs. another) more than another will receive a verbal warning, and continued offenses will result in removal.
Medics are to help all players equally. Failure to revive another player due to personal reasons will result in your removal. If the player kills you after you revive them, they will be banned.

All members of the Arcadia Life Emergency Medical Service (ALEMS) are expected to RP to the fullest extent possible.
Downed victims cannot hear you over voice, so you must RP via text in Direct Channel.
For major wounds or improved RP, you may request that a downed victim accompany you to the hospital for further inspection. This would apply for scenarios such as gunshot victims or other major trauma incidents.
You can RP your character as you see fit. If you want to play as a Dr. House type of Medic, do so! No matter what character you choose though, remember to stay in character.
Practice the RP with your fellow Medics. It adds to the scene greatly if every time someone walks by the hospital, they hear Medics talking about some recent crash scene or using medical jargon.
The Medical field is a lucrative one, so just like in real life it pays to do your research. Learn what IVIG, intracranial pressure, and hemorrhage mean. It will add to your RP skills greatly.
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Arcadia Emergency Medical Service Rules!
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