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 Staff Application - An Arcadian Life

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PostSubject: Staff Application - An Arcadian Life   Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:06 pm

In Game Name - ShadowwwVTS

Age - (Teamspeak)

IRL Name - Angel Sanchez

Timezone - Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

Active Hours(Time you are on the teamspeak/server) - School Days: 5 Hours Max? Get home at 4:30 pm + and go to sleep at 10 pm for a good night sleep for school. Non School Days: Mmmm if not on a special occasion I could be on most of the day and night unless i have plans.

Time spent with Arcadia Life - Since I ever started playing Arma 3. Only reason i actually in fact bought the game. (If you want to know the actual amount of time it will be in the following answers.

How would you better the server and playing experience for others as a staff member, besides banning hackers - Well, I am very friendly and have a sense of humor, I usually never get butt hurt in any time of way because I love being playful but I can be serious in the situation where it is needed. If a person is rude in a way I would probably try to calm them a bit and tell them to have a higher positive attitude but if it continues I would probably have the attitude back with him because for respect you earn respect. I'm also very honest. Unless you are one of my close friends I will probably be a little harder like in jokes and etc because well I'm like that if I know you well. Makes my personality.

What would be your first 3 steps to handling an admin situation, if someone reported it to you? Say an RDM situation - First, I would ask for any kind of evidence to ensure they aren't just trying to get some that person doesn't like banned or at least to get multiple witnesses. Then, If the subject doesn't have any proof, I would at least request a higher position to watch the "suspect" if i didn't have the power. If they did have legitimate evidence I would assign the required punishment/consequence directed to that certain rule that was broken.

How would you help out in Teamspeak as a staff member - I would assist them in any way I can possible also to ensure they have the best positive experience with "An Arcadian Life". I would also direct them to where they would need to go if they have a certain question that requires a location.

Have you ever Administrated an Arma 3 Server before - Yes and also on multiple different games.

Why are you interested in becoming a staff member - I love there to help and because usually I'm on the longest when there is no school like I stay on most of the night from example before I would be on from 2:00 PM to 4:00-9:00 AM unless there was situations in between, and there is times where I would need a admin but no admin would be on due to a certain time period.

Time on Arma 3 - 333 Hours

Is there anyone who would recommend you to becoming a staff member for Arcadia Life, if so who are they - I have no friends, just kidding, honestly don't know, because I wont just put words in someones mouth.
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Application - An Arcadian Life   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:03 pm

+1 for Helper. he is a good friend but he has a short temper which is not good for staff position but that is a skill that takes time to work on so I say +1 for Helper. And hopefully over time his temper will adjust and he might get a position as Moderator or Admin. Good luck!
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Staff Application - An Arcadian Life
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