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 Arcadia Drug Enforcement Agency Rules and Procedures!

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PostSubject: Arcadia Drug Enforcement Agency Rules and Procedures!   Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:26 pm

Arcadia Drug Enforcement Agency Rules and Procedures!

The only special ability the DEA has is it is first response to drug trafficking and drug raids! They also have access to better weapons in hear through the SWAT store.

All DEA ranks must follow the following rules and procedures for there listed ranks.
DEA is under SWAT control and must follow SWAT orders at any given time! DEA is not above nor is it the same rank as SWAT, the only similar thing is the shop. So ALWAYS FOLLOW SWAT'S ORDERS!

ALDEA Captain - Orders around ALDEA Field Agent and Field Officers, must still follow the orders from SWAT. May use any weapon in the proper arsenal and leads drug raids and drug trafficking.

ALDEA Field Agent - Has a few less limitations on what weapons they may use and there orders. May order around Field Officers but must still obey ALDEA Captain and SWAT.

ALDEA Field Officers - Can not use any SWAT weapons unless on a operation and must follow orders from ALDEA Field Agent and ALDEA Captain!
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Arcadia Drug Enforcement Agency Rules and Procedures!
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